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One thing you can’t escape as a mariner is a sea storm. All you can do is prepare beforehand and know what to do when you’re caught in one. Here are some tips to help you overcome a sea storm.

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If you’re keen to respond to the call of the sea, don’t head out just yet. The rush of embarking on an adventure on your vessel maybe tempting but doing some legwork before you get behind the wheel will pay off sooner than later! Here is... read more


Cruising one’s vessel into the horizon is no doubt fun but those who love boating admit that they derive pleasure from maintaining their boat too. This, in a sense, is no different than a car enthusiast spending hours detailing his car.... read more

On May 1st, we celebrated our company’s president, John Mitchell’s thirty-year anniversary working at Canada Metal. Interestingly enough, it coincided with International Labour Day. As the quote goes, “Genius begins great works, labour alone... read more

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